Work Art Gallery

I was able to have two of my photographs hung in the art gallery at my day job.  These are two landscape photos that are available as prints from my online store.  Although this isn’t a professional art gallery I am still proud of the fact that I am able to showcase my work and let my fellow co-workers see my passion for nature and landscape photography. The wide panoramic print you see on the left is a 12”x36” print of “Glowing Arizona Sunset”, which is printed on metallic paper and mounted in a frame. The smaller print on the right is a 11”x14” print of “Fall Sunset at the Fen”. This is printed on metal and hung free standing without a frame. The metal print is a dye-sublimation process that creates a gorgeous, vibrant glossy print that is infused onto coated aluminum. I recommend everyone have at least one photo printed on metal the results are stunning.

The gallery at my day job unfortunately is not for an Art-Photography competition, it is just for the creatives at my job to show case their work. One of my goals for this year was to at least enter into two different art-photography competitions. I will post more about the two competitions I am entering later in another blog post as I am currently working on preparing and choosing which photos to enter.  Printing two of my pieces for the work gallery has taught me a few things.  Sometimes your work can take on a different look when it is printed large and can look different when printed as opposed to viewed on screen.  When I say it looks different I don’t mean in a bad way it’s just that you notice more of the details of the photo when it is printed large.  I noticed more of my own mistakes that I would have corrected in Lightroom but did not see when on the screen.  So the lesson I learned is to have a small sample image printed first maybe (5x7) before you pay to have a large print done.  It allows you to see the image printed on the type of paper (glossy, semi-gloss, lustre, metallic, canvas, etc…) before you decide to go and get a large print done.  It is well worth the couple of extra dollars to have small prints done first before you decide to go large with your prints.

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