Lofino Plaza Gallery

For the month of November I have 3 photos on display in Beavercreek, Ohio at the Lofino Plaza Gallery. These photos were entered into the GDPG (Greater Dayton Photography Group) photo competition for November 2022.

In previous years I have only been able to get 1 photo accepted into the gallery. This year I got all 3 accepted. Winners will be announced on November 30th, fingers crossed maybe one of my photos will win.

New Olympus Gear

New Olympus Gear acquired!!!

So I have been wanting to get this M.Zuiko ED Olympus 12-100mm f4 IS Pro lens for a long time now and finally decided to pull the trigger and buy the lens used.  I found a great deal at one of my favorite online used camera gear stores Roberts Used PhotoPro.  They had a great deal on an excellent condition used M.Zuiko ED Olympus 12-100mm f4 IS Pro lens and I just couldn’t resist as I had not seen one in this good of a condition and at this price.  The reason why I have always wanted this lens is because for me it will make the perfect all around lens that will probably stay on the camera most of the time.  With the zoom range of 12-100mm this is wide enough to do landscape photography and  long enough zoom to satisfy my needs for medium range shots, plus it can focus at a minimum focal distance of 1.5 cm great for macro shots.  

The real benefit of the lens is the 5-Axis Sync IS (image stabilization) which syncs with the camera body image stabilization.  On it’s own the lenses built-in image stabilization can provide 5 shutter speed steps of compensation.  Combine that with the newer Olympus (OM-System) camera bodies and you can get 7.5 shutter speed steps of compensation.  This can greatly diminish the need for me to use a tripod.  Below are some examples of photos I took on my latest fall trip to Hocking Hills, Ohio.  Where I accidentally forgot to bring my tripod and this allowed me to test out the power of this lenses Sync IS system.

Picture number 1   ”Abandoned Church Window” was shot in hand held high res-mode at 1/25s, ISO 250, f6.3, 75mm

Picture number 2   ”Abandoned Church” was shot in hand held high res-mode at 1/30s, ISO 200, f11, 12mm    

Picture 1, Abandoned Church Window.
Picture 2, Abandoned Church

Hocking Hills Trip 2022

It has been awhile since I have posted anything to the blog post.  But I finally have something interesting to post about.  Me and my wife took a short weekend holiday get away trip for our anniversary to Hocking Hills, Ohio.  There we visited the Hocking Hills State Park along with the Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve Park.  Needless to say we had a blast while we were there hiking the trails and seeing all natural sites they have to see with waterfalls and natural rock caves.  The massive sites were amazing to see, for me it was almost like we had taken a trip to another state.  I kept saying to myself "This is in Ohio!!! I can't believe it!"

We were pretty busy while we were there for only 3 days but we made the best of it even though it did rain Saturday and Sunday.

For more information on Hocking Hills I recommend checking out this website.  They have information on everything from parks and trials to hotels.


Well here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip to Hocking Hills, Ohio enjoy.

Ash Cave Hocking Hills, Ohio.

Ash Cave

Ash Cave Hocking Hills, Ohio

Ash Cave

Cedar Falls, Hocking Hills, Ohio.

Cedar Falls

Rock House window view, Hocking Hills, Ohio

Rock House window view

Rock House window view, Hocking Hills, Ohio.

Rock House window view 2

Rock House, Hocking Hills, Ohio

Rock House

Natural Light, at Conkle's Hollow

Natural Light-Conkle’s Hollow

Old Man's Cave - Upper Falls

Old Man’s Cave - Upper Falls

Robinson's Falls

Robinson’s Falls

Tree Roots

Tree Roots

Tree Roots

Take Root

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